Hatred is a useles, crippling emotion …

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Good Boss vs Bad Boss

Business and entrepreneurship are two things that boom nowadays, particularly in Indonesia. More and more people have woken up and realized that this, what they have been doing for years of being a worker, is not good enough to live their life. They just want to release from the slavery and they struggle to build their own dreams. But, of course, there is nothing easy about this because it cost hell huge amount of bucks to build their dreams.

Despite of these conditions and blah blah blah… Look! They successfully made it. Why do I say so? Well, frankly, I live surrounded by those people, who are struggling to pursue their own goal; not others’. Some have already known their pattern and some are still trying. Some have already made money and some are still looking.  But anyway, they keep growing and get better (although there are some who give it up). How about me? Nah… I am not that kinda person, I mean, in a good way. I believe every human has their own destiny and their own proportion in life. You know, like, one can be a boss, one can be an educator, one can be a labor, etc… because if a boss needs labors working in their company, the children of a boss needs teachers to educate their families, that sort of things. And here I am, concerning to become an educator or researcher and I believe there is nothing wrong about it as far as I do nothing harm for the society. Right?

“The Boss”


Anyway, these entrepreneurs and these bosses are not always gonna be on top, even Steve Jobs had already passed the darkest time of his life. The road for business is not always that silky, thus they might anticipate for dwindled and rocky road ahead. Rise and fall is normal in business since business is something that is strongly influenced by its surrounding. It is quite sensitive to fuel price, even to the monsoon, believe me or not. You might see some can keep standing even the price of their products is running low, like Adaro (a coal mining company, in which the price of coal is currently getting lower and lower, yet Adaro is still optimist because they see it globally and they believe that the price is still okay since it is $50 higher compared to 2002), but some just cannot, especially for those who are still struggling to pay the loan… and of course this condition is not okay.

As a matter of fact, it is not my authority to talk about this as apalah awak ini… I am just a young woman struggling to pursue my own dreams and I am not that expert in this, business and entrepreneurship things. Yet anyway, majority of people knows that business and entrepreneurship are compounded by many factors, not only the boss but also the surroundings. Thus, the attitude of the boss might be something important in this case. Not the attitude to ‘please people’ by doing something pleasant  for a group of people, but the attitude to know what best is for the company and for the society. They strict to the rule and yeah… they made it. Some agree that a humble-boss is rarely found, but those humble-bosses do exist and look how they keep standing even in their darkest moment. Some also believe that it greatly depends on lucky. Well… frankly, it might be true. Indeed, decision making is pretty tough skill to have and it is a required skill for a good boss. However, once you are in a bunch of skillful people, it is lucky which determines your success (Model Thinking Lecture, Scott E. Page: Randomness). See, well, in this case, it is not your authority to determine your success, but God’s. Even how skillful you are and how you and your partner have similar capabilities, God might help you to find the fastest track to your goal, or God might not.

Furthermore, business and entrepreneurship relate to not only one single person, but many people. Thus human resources need to be utilized on the right track. You know, right person/people on the right track. They do not have to be smart; they just have to be on the right track. So, human management is important.

In reality, there might be big winners and big losers, particularly in business. However, knowing this might give you some perspective about… you know, at least being a little more optimist than before and surely being more humble and down-to-earth.

The Dirty Coal

Coal is a natural resource which availability is abundant. It has been utilized for producing energy worldwide for hundreds years. Within past few years, demand of coal increased, beating its competitive power-generation resources, namely fuel and gas. These are responsible to great demand of coal, particularly from power-hungry countries like India and China.  These countries use coal to boost their economy via industrial revolution which requires huge amount of power and electricity.

Nevertheless, coal has never been clean. Coal mining and heat generation from coal are devastatingly dirty. To extract coal from the mines, thousands of trees are cut down. More and more green fields are disappears due to open cast mining, coal transportation, and storage. Underground mining can also be considered as filthy and intolerably dangerous as well. Furthermore, coal combustion also brings lots of environmental issues. Besides heat, coal combustion emits carbon dioxide even carbon monoxide (as a result of incomplete combustion), harmful gases for human and the earth. CO2 is often blamed for global increase of temperature, well-known as greenhouse effect. Gas produced from incomplete combustion, CO, is responsible for death poisoning and further health concerns. In addition, coal-firing also produces SOx and NOx emissions due to sulfur and nitrogen content within the coal. These emissions make the rivers and the oceans acid, as well as the buildings crumble. There is no wonder that some of environmental concerns stated that coal is far more dangerous than its competitive fossil fuel resource, i.e. oil and natural gas, and more even than nuclear.

But don’t you, guys, realize that coal has brought huge positive effects instead of bad impacts which we have already discussed previously. Coal brings huge global economic improvement, at least due to these two possible reasons. Firstly, coal enables industries worldwide to generate cheap energy to support its work. Cheap price of coal and simple power generation technique provided makes industries spend less money for supporting their performance. The lower the production cost is, the more profit they gain. This profit is necessary to enlarge the industries, themselves. This, of course, requires more and more employees to be hired. Thus, secondly, coal helps to boost economic condition of a country as more and more employees are hired. As unemployment decreases, criminal number decreases and the government becomes happy… and politics become more … well frankly I don’t know since you know… politics is quite complicated for me. But, anyway, people make more money and everyone is happy, but maybe the environmentalists are not.

There have been lots of debates about clean coal.

clean coal


Can coal ever be clean? (Source: http://www.gbce.com/en)


 Even my tutors more likely joke about it, because they believe that

even when you wash or rub it hard enough, there is no chance that it can be clean (white) cause it will remain black (not literally black).


Source: http://www.fe.doe.gov/education/energylessons/coal



Yet, some just do not believe it. Even they invest huge amount of money for finding out a new era of technology for coal power plant utilization without causing so much harms for the earth and humans. They believe the benefits of coal utilization can outweigh the harms by minimizing the possible negative impacts that might appear. Researches of carbon capture have been done and they come up with new possibility of technology to plant this carbon into the earth, hoping this carbon might be the new source of future coal. But, of course, this coal can never be used for present days since coal formation requires thousand years. (Source: National Geographic Magazine (04/2014) ). Some of them also find some new technologies to minimize emissions of sulfur and nitrogen, such as FBC (fluidized bed combustion) technology for power plant, etc. Some tries to limit coal uses for power plant. So, instead of using coal combustion to generate heat and energy, they use alternative resources such as hydro, geothermal, solar, wind, and so on and so forth.

Yet, the world has been already damaged nowadays. No one knows when this earth can resist damages which human live have already made, and God only knows it. But this effort, I believe, is worth more than if you do nothing til the apocalypse comes.


As the nuance and the joy of Eid Mubarok have not over yet, here I would like to share about one tradition of ours (Indonesian) during this celebration instead of wearing new clothes and eating too much . This tradition is called SUNGKEMAN, which is derived from sungkem, meaning to show respect by bowing on one’s hands and knees (jakartapost.com). This ritual might have been vanished in several families, but mine is still doing that. As well as Keraton (palace)’s family, sungkeman in my family is held after Sholat Ied (Eid Al-Fitr prayer), to ask for forgiveness after all we have done these day, especially those things that have hurt our feelings. The young one is the one who bows to show his/her respect to the elder. 

The young one is bowing on his hands and knees to ask for forgiveness to elder.

Source: triadnafebriani.blogdetik.com

The order of sungkeman might be different, depends on the family. Keraton’s family usually has numerous people who are willing to to do so to Sultan (the King of Yogyakarta and as a Governor of Yogyakarta). Hence, normally this ritual lasts for two/three days since commoners are allowed to wish Sultan Happy-Idul-Fitri. The participants include the family member of Sultan, followed by the regents, mayors, courtiers, and the commoners.

On the other hand, sungkeman in common families is only held once after the prayer (of Idul Fitri), with the member of families as participants. The elder one sits and receives the respect and forgiveness of the younger who bows. Simply, like Dad (as the elder one and the head of family) sits, then Mom bows and asks him for forgiveness for her faults. When they are done, Mom sits beside him and I bow to Dad then to Mom. Then, I sit next to Mom while my lil sister bow to Dad then to Mom then to me, and so on and so forth…

Actually, this ritual is not only held during Lebaran, but also during Mantenan (marriage ceremony) to ask for permission and forgiveness as well. Since Lebaran is celebrated annualy, ritual of sungkeman becomes strongly related to Eid Mubarok celebration. However, this is not an obligation, especially for those who live in perantauan (so far away from one’s family) and they cannot go home (mudik) to visit families during the celebration. But, asking for forgiveness still can be done (kinda obligation), especially during these days, in which skype and any other forms of social media are available to ease communication of human-beings. 

Happy Eid Mubarak!

Taqabbalallhu minna wa minkum… minna wa minkum taqabbal yaa kariim


Alhamdulillahirabbilalamiin… I cannot thank God more for what have been achieved this year. It is not the end of the year though, but I am so thrilled for what God has given to me. So thrilled, since one of my wish had already come true. Last year, on August, 8 2013, exactly, I prayed to God for giving me the chance to spend this holy month, ramadhan, altogether with ma meilleure famillehere in Indonesia. At that time, I was in Huelva, Spain for my internship at a big copper smelter worldwide. 

To be honest, it was not that easy to spend ramadhan in the area which day time is longer than night, especially for those who has kidney problem. Iftar was at 9.xx pm, almost at 10 pm. Whoa! It really was a very long day. Ma maman, she reminds me not to push myself too far since I was in recovery after my kidney surgery. But I was so intended not to spend my whole shaum shifted on non-Ramadhan month. In the name of Allah, I successfully did my shaum during several days of ramadhan there.


As well as my shaum during that year, I was having my Eid Al-Fitr there (Eid Al-Fitr is celebrated as the day of breaking fast as the Islamic holy month of Ramadan ends. Eid is a reward for Muslims who, apart from fasting, have restrained themselves from material and spiritual vices including, lying, cheating, violence and theft). I, actually, planned to have it in Morocco. Unfortunately, it seems to be unfeasible since my budget and my time is quite limited, so I chose not to. So there I was, having my Eid Mubarok at the office. Luckily, I had very wonderful and gentle bosses and supervisors. They took me out for dinner and they treated me very well. What a pleasant dinner, Inma and David. I do miss you both. And Sol, especially. Though I did have a great time with them, in Spain, I still miss having ramadhan and eid mubarak on kampuang nan jauh di mato  (hometown, even though I am not sure, still, where my exact hometown is), sungkeman with ma maman, mon papa, and ma petite-sœur, helping my mom do the dishes (since usually there are guests and neighbours coming over after eid al fitri prayer, my mom prepares several cuisine to serve, like an open-house thingy). Though, those are not the main idea of having eid mubarok, still the nuance of eid mubarok was not there, in Huelva. And I did miss it!

Having the opportunity to spend those special days here, with my family, uaaaaah!!! I thank God very much for it. Even though, it is kinda sad to leave Ramadhan… the holy month, on which our good deeds will be replied twice or more, insha Allah. Anw, see you next year, Ramadhan, in different places. Aamiiiiin…


Hola Aloha Ciao

Hola aloha ciao!

I don’t know how many blogs I have been made til now since I have terrible ability to remember my password. I hope this one could last longer. Surely, I hope this one can be useful to you as well. Anw, I am not the one who has one exact focus. So, here, you might not find one topic discussed since I have a lot likes and dislikes to share hehe. This “bavarde” person needs place to share her point of view. Hope you will enjoy sharing with me, though. So let’s share our experience, knowledge, point of view, etc.. altogether here, shall we?


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